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The Only Mayonnaise to use

Kewpie is the best mayonnaise hands down. It's so much better than any other mayonnaise and really makes everything you make with it better.

Jesse H

Great flavor and don't sleep on the bottle

Great flavor with this mayo, but you probably already know that from other reviews. I love being able to buy a 4 pack from the website and get free shipping. I love this stuff to make my sauces and sandwiches to the next level. I also need to add how much I love the bottle. You get every last bit out of it. It's engineered perfectly.

Jason Watts

Almost as Good As Japan

I travel a lot and love love love Sesame dressing . Yours are nearly as good as my favorite from Japan.

Joan W

Wafu Savory Soy Drwssing

This rather unusual dressing is extremely flavorful and versatile. It can be used on salads of course, but also added to rice or pasta, or used as a dipping sauce for Asian-style dumplings, veggies, etc. Better yet--for me at least--it can be substituted for plain soy sauce as a more complex accompaniment to sushi and sashimi (with or without wasabi added). I need to order about a gallon more of this Wafu dressing to add to my Kewpie collection!

Katie E

My favourite

My family loves this dressing and so do guests always ask me I got and why it not in all the stores.

Adrian P

I Gave this Dressing a Special Name

Let me begin by saying that I am Kewpie’s top advocate! I found this dressing at Costco maybe 2 years ago and labeled it “Crack Sauce” because I cannot live without it. I have told all my friends about it (I don’t have a ton of friends) and they have told all of theirs to find this crack sauce and use it literally anything. I use it mainly for raw veggies and salads, making sure to lick my plate/bowl afterwards. I LOVE this product! Never stop making it.

P.S. I love you!

Angela H