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100 Years of Kewpie

In the 1910s, Kewpie founder Toichiro Nakashima traveled to the United Kingdom and the United States as an overseas intern for what was at that time the Japan Department of Agriculture and Commerce. He returned to Japan having developed a fascination with the delicious flavor of orange marmalade and nutritional value of mayonnaise used in potato salad. In 1925, based on his desire to “help improve the physiques and health of Japanese people by making delicious, nutritious mayonnaise so widely available that it becomes a daily necessity,” the Company launched KEWPIE Mayonnaise, a highly nutritious egg-yolk type mayonnaise.

Since its founding in 1919, Kewpie has continued to value our founder's “desire to contribute to the health of customers.” Going forward, we will continue to honor this founding ambition with the aim of becoming a Group contributing to the food culture and health of the world through “great taste, empathy, and uniqueness.”


Shokuhin Kogyo Co (the predecessor of Kewpie Corp) launches Kewpie Mayo.

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Kewpie Co acquired exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute Kewpie dolls in Japan and other Asian markets.


Kewpie Mayo gains popularity reaching a milestone of 100k cases shipped.


KEWPIE Mayonnaise production halted due to difficulties in obtaining the ingredients during the war.


Production of KEWPIE Mayonnaise resumed.


Shokuhin Kogyo Co is officially renamed Kewpie Corporation


A major year for Kewpie Co. with the launch of the new plastic Kewpie Mayo bottle and the application of the red mesh pattern to the brand design. This was also the year we launched Kewpie French dressing - the first ever Japanese made salad dressing.

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We launched the "Open Kitchen" program, providing factory tours to the public. This program still exists today.


First production of Kewpie Oriental Dressing, Japans first soy-sauce based salad dressing.

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This year marked a significant milestone for Kewpie products, as their soaring popularity among restaurants led us to officially commence production in food service sizes, catering to the increased demand.


Kewpie Egg Corporation was established so Kewpie could have complete oversight of the millions of eggs the company was using every year. 


 Kewpie Corp's first manufacturing facility in the United States was established in Southern California. 


Kewpie launched our beloved Deep-Roasted Sesame Dressing. The Q&B warehouse started co-packing The Ojai Cook products.

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The Ojai Cook was aquired by Q&B Foods.


Asian retail markets in the US began selling Kewpie's original dressing line with flavors including Deep Roasted Sesame, Wafu, and Chuka - all dressings we still carry today.


Shibuya Head Office (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) rebuilt, which then designated as a base of operation for head office and sales divisions.


Kewpie brand mayonnaise launched at many major US retailers making our iconic Japanese widely available to US consumers for the first time.


Q&B Foods, Inc. breaks ground in Clarksville, TN to build new manufacturing facility enabling the company to expand it's production lines.


New Manufacturing Facility opens in May.