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KEWPIE Caesar Dressing, 8 fl. Oz

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It’s Almost Too Tasty For Words

Founded in 1919, Kewpie has been bringing consumers in Japan bold and distinctive flavors for a century. Now, thanks to their expansion into the US, they’re bringing that same sensibility to new places by giving the classic caesar dressing an umami twist. This take on the traditional isn’t overly fishy but it is jam-packed with cheesy goodness that has hints of garlic and pepper. 

Try this versatile dressing as a finishing sauce for everything from chicken to tofu. Use it as a dip for french fries or veggies or any other finger food you can imagine. The possibilities are endless, and once you’ve had a taste of this addictive dressing you’ll wonder how your fridge ever survived without it. 

Please shake well before use as natural separation may occur, and refrigerate after opening.

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